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Facility Safety Coordinator

Job Title
Facility Safety Coordinator

Job Description
Facility Safety Coordinator
Position Description
Regulatory compliance through policy implementation and document management: Analyze work and plant conditions at the facility and advise and recommend changes to support policies and/or regulations, which include ergonomics, JSAs, and the implementation of new programs. Maintain overall safety program document management per procedures, accident reporting and control, VPP related, MSDS, training records, equipment inventories, OSHA 300. (30% of the time)
Plant meetings/ postings: This includes providing a safety perspective at daily, weekly, and monthly strategic plant meetings as well as at safety committee meeting. Must be prepared to discuss the plant work and respond to planning and budgeting meetings. This includes the implementation of safety action items to resolution and tailgating sessions, plant letters, postings, one on one safety reviews, etc. (20% of the time)
Safety training: Prepare and present training to plant employees on all safety programs, guidelines, and requirements at every opportunity. This includes during outage planning and contractor pre-site preparation. (20% of the time)
Maintain and use monitoring equipment and facility safety inspections including noise surveys, industrial hygiene: Prepare, calibrate, and maintain safety equipment; take samples during outages and normal operations; compile data and create notifications and follow-up to control hazards. Includes inspection of respirators, harnesses and other fall protection equipment, PortaCount, etc. (15% of the time) Accident investigating and reporting: Conduct accident investigations, SafeStat reporting, corrective actions, near miss evaluations. (5% of the time)

Outage Safety. Includes contractor safety, scaffold inspections, outage preparation and safety management during outage. This may require some budget preparation and planning. (5% of the time)

Medical surveillance and clinic/workcare coordination. Schedule and review monitoring of employee blood lead results, clinic communication, management of exam process and employee. Health Status reports and annual audiometric plus fit testing. Implement programs to assist in reducing blood level per the protocol. (5% of the time).
Position Requirements
BS/BS; five year’s experience in manufacturing or energy; strong communication skills, presentation and training, analysis and organizational skills.

Drive results, influence performance, confidential, personable

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Desired Skills and Expertise
Bachelor's Degree


2 - 5 years

Job Type
Full Time

Salary / package
Not Specified

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