Receiving Clerk (Checker)

Job Title
Receiving Clerk (Checker)

Job Description
Receiving Clerk (Checker) ( Job Number: 1409110)

Date: Reviewed and updated 6/28/11
Grade: Non-Union, non-exempt
Title: Checker
Reports to: Dock Supervisor Supervisory
Responsibilities: None
Department: Operations

Job Summary: Employees under this job title generally work checking in trailer loads of product received from vendors and/or backhauls. Checkers are required to direct trailers to receiving doors through security receiving clerks and oversee the unloading of vendor goods onto the dock. Once the goods are unloaded, the checker verifies case counts and notes deficiencies against receiving paperwork.
Checkers are primarily responsible for the following:

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Attend daily pre-shift meetings
• Proceed to assigned area (dock doors )
• Verify WIN screen to paperwork and dock doors for trailers
• Check for scratched product and aging of trailers in doors.
• Communicate with lumper service and/or management for any problems needing attention.
• Contact Guardhouse receiving clerks for status of loads (trailers) needing door assignments, scratches, etc.
• Meet with truck drivers to get paperwork
• Meet with lumper service unloading trailers at assigned dock doors
• Check product as received on dock
1. Check and record temps of cases from front, middle and rear of trailer.
2. Note description of cases
3. Measure cases and TiHi of product
4. Note integrity of pallet. Direct lumpers to re-stack/re-wrap if necessary
5. Tag and scan pallet of product into system
• Tag dropped trailers as empty and change dock lock status. Notify guards to get pulled
• Open and/or close dock doors as necessary
• Take finished paperwork to driver with case count
• Ensure sanitation of assigned areas
• Report damaged/suspicious trailers to dock supervisor for disposition
• Work with Quality Assurance to expedite rejected trailers


Knowledge, Skills and ability requirements: (Essential functions are marked with an E
• Read, write, understand and speak English E*
• Must have knowledge of computers and ability to learn WIN, Atlasnet and Guardman. E*
• Must use handheld computer/scanners E*
• Ability to read measuring devices – tape measure E*
• Ability to use thermometer E* Physical requirements and working conditions: (Essential functions are marked with an E*)
• Standing, scanning frequently and for prolonged periods (anywhere from 8-12 Hours). E*
• Manual dexterity to manipulate tools of job. E*
• Near visual acuity/good hearing required. E*
• Ability to work in a temperature controlled environment of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. E*
• May be exposed to sub-freezing temperatures.
• Occasionally lifting boxes of labels weighing 20-30 lbs.

The terms occasional, frequent, and continuous refer to 1-33% of the workday, 34-66% and 67-100% respectively.

Desired Skills and Expertise
High School or equivalent


Entry Level

Job Type
Full Time

Salary / package
Not Specified

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