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FNOL Phone Examiner

Job Title
FNOL Phone Examiner

Job Description
FNOL Phone Examiner
General Responsibilities:
Job Purpose
The primary purpose of the FNOL Examiner is to be the first point of contact for both the Hertz field locations as well as customers to establish the initial claim file. The Examiner will be responsible for the triage of all incoming documents and calls to determine where the file is to be handled, ensure the file is complete, and gather information from parties outside Hertz to ensure proper decisions can be made to either refer to HCM, CRU, or close as a “Rest” file.
Bill damage files to customers and/or insurance carriers. The clerk will determine who to bill, what kind of letter to send and what documents need to be sent with the letter on initial billings for US and Canadian subrogation files. The Clerks are responsible for maintaining an accurate billing file and backlog count and other duties as assigned by the supervisor.
Key Result Areas
Timely review all incoming documents for completeness and legibility to determine if they can be used for opening a new file, added to an existing file, or should be returned to the renting location to rectify and resubmit.
Handle all calls from customers, insurers, or Hertz locations to establish if information needs to be appended to an existing file, referred to HCM, or a new file opened. If new, all information is to be documented in a pre-established form.
Ensure timely opening of all files with proper disposition to determine if the file is 1st Party, 3rd Party, or Rest.
Match all incoming VDA’s to the claim.
Once VDA is matched, if 3rd Party, notify the holder of the file of the existence of the new document. If 1st Party, notify the CRU of the existence of a complete file ready for subrogation. If Rest, re-evaluate the documents to determine if there is a reason to pursue further (such as information in a police report, etc).
On all unmatched claims with vehicle damage, but no VDA, follow-up with the return location for submission of the VDA.
Ensure corporate standards and procedures as set out in the HCM and Hertz procedures are adhered to.
Work towards set productivity and accuracy targets.
Mandatory Requirements:
Educational Background: Minimum high school diploma; some college education preferred.
Professional Experience: Experience in an office environment working with others. Preferably a large office in which working through others is necessary.
Proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite of applications.
Ability to work independently
Basic mathematical skills
Analytic capabilities for decision-making
Excellent communication skills
Time Management
Hertz is a Drug-Free Workplace. All employment is contingent on successful completion of drug and background screening.


Desired Skills and Expertise
High School or equivalent


< 2 years

Job Type
Full Time

Salary / package
Not Specified

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